Leachate control systems

The management of leachate is normally a key requirement for permitted landfill sites and prior to the permitting regulations; sites operated under a waste management license were equally regulated.

The management of leachate at landfill sites is required so as to prevent pollution of the environment through contamination of surface and ground waters.

The method of leachate management is generally through maintaining a maximum liquid level within the waste mass through pumping leachate, the leachate pumped must then be disposed of in a suitable manner.

There are many components and options relating to leachate management, from the different types of pumps suitable for use in landfill leachate through to the varying types of onsite treatment or offsite disposal.

Drawing upon our extensive experience of providing complete closed site management services for landfill operators we are able to assist our clients in sourcing, installing, operating and maintaining all aspects of leachate management.

Leachate control systems

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