Landfill gas control systems

Although most contemporary landfill sites in the UK have had gas extraction systems installed, many of these require regular repair, replacement or expansion of these systems.

In addition a significant number of the older sites still have requirements for gas control systems, often determined as a result of gas pumping trials.

We have extensive experience and capability in control systems from the complete design and installation of gas control systems, through to fault finding, minor repairs to major upgrades, control systems for power generation through to migration and emission control.

We are unique in the UK with our portfolio of projects ongoing and completed. The particular blend of expertise that we have available is used extensively in our closed site management packages where we undertake the compliance monitoring, field balancing, control system installation and ultimately direct reporting to the Environment Agency.

Not only is the full range of expertise and resource available in-house but also we operate the systems that we install.


Landfill gas control systems

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